About Us

Chroma Cars Has Been Painting The Right Value Picture For Car Dealerships Since 2006

Chroma Cars is a U.S. Veteran owned & operated automotive marketing software & services company. We’re best known for our value-added reseller solutions including automotive ad agency SAS solutions and the best car dealer websites & inventory merchandising available for ad agency white labeling. Chroma Cars began offering automotive digital marketing & inventory-focused car dealership photography & videography services in 2006. Today we work with over 200 car dealers & an exclusive list of automotive ad agency & PPC agency clients who bring traditional automotive marketing & automotive digital marketing together under a single sign-on management & reporting system which includes:
  • Automotive inventory management & vehicle merchandising software
  • Automotive digital marketing & digital automotive advertising services
  • The best car dealership websites & automotive SEO management
  • Automated & SEO-enhanced Vehicle Seller’s Notes Generator
  • Trade in value & private seller purchasing software
  • Automotive search engine marketing
  • Automotive social media marketing
  • Automotive PPC Management
  • Automotive window stickers
  • Local directory optimization

What’s with our name?

Chroma key compositing also known as chroma keying, is a post-production & visual effects technique for layering two different images or video streams together based on color hues (chroma) range. If you’ve watched the nightly weather forecast on T.V. or been to a Hollywood blockbuster anytime in the last 60 years, you’ve seen chroma key techniques on screen. Chroma Cars was the first to bring the technology into mainstream use in car dealership vehicle photography & videography. While the advent of photo booths and the allocation of specific vehicle photography shooting space at dealerships has limited our need for chroma key-enhanced photos and video today; the Chroma name stuck!