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The Automotive Industry's Most Efficient & Cost Effective PPC Management & Automated Pay-Per-Click Software

Why should your car dealership or dealer group consider investing monthly advertising dollars in pay-per-click campaigns?

Properly managed pay-per-click digital campaigns are among THE MOST efficient ways to seriously improve your dealership or dealer group's unaided local or regional brand recall; the likelihood that a consumer thinks of your dealership's name FIRST when asked:

"Where's the best place to buy, service, sell, or trade-in a car in my city?"

PPC management is different from traditional advertising (print, radio, and TV) where you pay for the impressions of a fairly broad appeal ad message. Less than 6% of any radio, TV, or newspaper's daily audience is actually in the market for your products or services (and that's being generous). If more than 40% of your monthly advertising investment is traditional media-focused; YOU'RE SPENDING BIG ADVERTISING AND CO-OP ADVERTISING DOLLARS INEFFICIENTLY by today's marketing standards.

With PPC CarCaster™ you can TARGET THE PEOPLE WHO WANT OR NEED YOUR PRODUCT OR SERVICE TODAY and even "re-target" those same people by keeping your display, text, or video ads in front of them as they continue their online search activity across related or non-related websites. Did we mention that with PPC CarCaster™ EVERY VEHICLE ON YOUR LOT becomes the star of its own pay-per-click campaign and you don't lift a finger to make it happen?


We make digital advertising simple for car dealers of any type and knowledge level by automating Pay-Per-Click advertising. PPC Carcaster™ creates consistent digital marketing campaigns automatically and then targets and re-targets in-market web researchers to convert online shoppers to showroom sales. Meaning that your digital advertising optimizes itself with very little input from you.


Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo allow you to run PPC ads on their organic search results pages. By doing this, it is easier for larger audiences to see your ad. CarCaster™ continuously analyzes and improves keyword focus to be sure the right message or offer lands in front of the right shopper at the right time.


Pay-per-click allows you to build top-of-mind-awareness (TOMA) of your dealership name, slogan, manufacturer offers and individual vehicle listings across tens of thousands of monthly search engine result pages. Your dealership only pays when someone clicks on your ad and visits your website, designated landing page or conversion form....those who don't click may still be influenced or enticed to walk-in and that was FREE ADVERTISING!

Note: Proper PPC stewardship is our primary concern! Chroma Cars PPC practices and websites are designed with proprietary PPC landing page generation technology and high quality, custom landing page builds. This more exhaustive and labor intensive approach insures the highest, most efficient and effective possible PPC performance.

In order to protect your PPC Campaign quality scores, Cost Per Click and conversion performance; Chroma Cars specifically forbids non-partner 3rd party PPC companies from linking PPC campaigns to our websites.

Why? PPC campaign landing pages built outside of your primary website provider's platform will rob your website of valuable "referral traffic conversion credit" and could seriously impact Google's ranking of your website. Is your PPC company creating hundreds of hyper-relevant Year, Make, Model landing pages and monthly custom landing pages (linked to your website url) around the search terms that drive sales & service appointments? If not, your PPC campaigns will cost more (per click) and resolve at lower positions on the Google Adwords paid search results.

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