Automotive Inventory Management

Manage Your Automotive Inventory Efficiently

  • The most powerful automotive digital inventory management & re-marketing tools in the cloud.
  • Decodes VIN to Trim level for nightly inventory distribution to over 100 third party websites
  • Photo upload manager with automated overlay graphics increase brand & sales event awareness (up to 60 photos per vehicle)

  • Destination-specific seller's notes Headline & Tagline Generator enhances sales promotions & lead source tracking
  • Video upload & 3rd party distribution manager increases time on site and lead conversion (up to five videos per vehicle)
  • Automated price bucket adjustment module for both New & Pre-Owned improves turn rates by triggering 3rd party 'reduced price' indicators

  • Automated, SEO keyword-enhanced seller's notes generated via customizable comments library
  • Digital Sales features to include Vendor Specific Photo Insertion & the ability to add up to 12 photos per vehicle to send to selected third party vendors.
  • Customer friendly integration with several companies in the industry to ensure that if you wish to use another service, we do our best to make it easy to implement

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