MAX Allowance® Trade In Solution

Trade In Solution & Private Seller Purchasing Program

Imagine viewing pictures, video & condition details on dozens of privately owned vehicles flowing through your customized MAX Allowance® control center daily. Private Sellers & Dealers Website Prospects use a smartphone to upload photos, walk-around video, interior/exterior/mechanical condition details AND how much they "owe vs. want" for their vehicle(s).

Our MAX Allowance® brand and technology instantly builds a bridge between remote sellers/trade-in prospects and your team of auction or showroom vehicle acquisition specialists. Whether you have a mature buying center or need a fully-managed solution for “trade-in/sell my car” prospects, Chroma Cars’ considerate cash offer™ approach will convert more trade-in traffic to your showroom than outmoded “instant cash offer” systems.

With the MAX Allowance® Turnkey “Trade-in or Sell My Car For Cash” solutions, your teams’ focus on verifying physical/mechanical condition and acquiring vehicles from the in-store appointment traffic we generate and drive (to the point of appointment acceptance).

The Auto Industry's Only FULLY MANAGED vehicle trade in, FSBO purchase & sales mutli-tool.


The most advanced smartphone “Trade-In or Sell My Car” technology on the market today! Unlike the “Instant Cash Offer” systems that “Instantly” instill fear of loss and eliminate hope for gain, MAX Allowance® is critically different. Think of it as the ultimate First Impression Officer where each private seller, trade-in and buy-back prospect is treated with extreme care and consideration.

Your dealership sets the initial, conditional cash offer ground rules in the system but has full “Conditional Cash Offer™” override and append capability. In retail automotive we lose 100% of the opportunity to walk and talk 100% of the vehicles consumers never bring us (because the “instant cash offer” came from an average wholesale or average trade-in market value.

We treat every trade-in or “sell my car for cash” prospect as a unique opportunity weighed against your dealership’s unique need/desire to acquire a vehicle like theirs (need/desire which, we know, changes from day to day and sometimes hour by hour).

Respectfully, we work every day to retire “Instant Cash Offers” in favor of MAX Allowance® Considerate Cash Offers™.


The “trouble with the trade” has been the heaviest and most obstinate obstacle to navigate in the consumer and car dealer relationship. MAX Allowance® is designed to balance a consumer’s need to know and trust against a dealer’s need to know and profit.

If we hadn’t lived it, we could not have built it. Chroma Car’s MAX Allowance® and omni-channel buyback technologies evolved from highly effective but labor-intensive manual outreach activities at the dealership. Infusing these practices into today’s smartphone and texting technologies, MAX Allowance® delivers consumers a “considerate” answer to the question “what’s the true trade-in or cash-out value of my car today?”

With MAX Allowance® Trade-In Prospects, Buy-Back Candidates and Private Sellers can reverse market their vehicle(s) to your dealership from the comfort of their cubicle or couch. Chroma Cars technology can even help alert your dealership to the potential loss of current customers (to competing brand dealerships & local or national “car buying companies”).

The mobile conversations build higher “appointments kept” ratios through improved consumer confidence, trust and transparency. With our fully managed solutions, we curate and manage every MAX Mobile Messenger trade conversation until the seller trades, sells or tells us their vehicle is sold and that they are “off the market.” Aim high and put our MAX Allowance® military-grade task management and follow-up discipline to work at your dealership today!

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