Max Allowance™ Trade In Value

Trade In Value & Private Seller Purchasing Program

A Trade In Value & Private Seller Purchasing Program That Works!

Max Allowance Trade In Value & Private Seller Purchase Program: a mobile-friendly "sell my car" system consumers use to connect with your dealer by phone, live chat or text. Our exclusive desktop experience & mobile phone app encourages private sellers to brag about their vehicle's unique selling proposition. As consumers complete the Max Allowance process their anticipation increases, along with your dealer's "appointments that show" ratio.

Our team will text private sellers (in compliance with 49 state laws & all Federal texting/telemarketing laws) with an offer to "buy your car for Max Allowance today!" Target only publish private seller listings that match the vehicles you need for your used car dealer inventory. You'll buy better cars at a better price while converting private sellers into potential buyers. Condition consumers to "Never accept an Instant Cash Offer" for the their trade in or outright dealer purchase. Max Allowance keeps your used car manager in control while offering a "market-considerate" price for the vehicle your customer intends to trade or sell.

Sample First Week Results:

  • Sent texts to published private sellers (50 per day for seven days)
  • Dealer's "private seller purchase department" received 114 phone calls
  • 6 private sellers kept their appointment for a free Max Allowance vehicle evaluation
  • Dealer purchased 5 vehicles outright & took 1 in on trade (resulting in 1 new vehicle sale)
  • Recorded inbound calls across multiple Max Allowance dealers teach us that one in four private seller listing publishers (who respond to our "offer to purchase today" texts) are also considering the purchase of a replacement vehicle


6 vehicles sold for an average PVR of $2,000 gross profit is $12,000. subtracting the $1,300 Max Allowance lead generation investment our dealer made an overall profit of $10,700 *Results will vary with your dealer's commitment & adherence to the proven Max Allowance private seller purchase process. The "Text To Purchase" portion of Max Allowance is not available in Louisiana.

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