SEM Campaign Management

PPC & Re-marketing Campaign Management

Let us take control of your PPC budget. You have the peace of mind in knowing that we are a full service SEM agency with all of the relevant Google certifications. We have a department dedicated to help your dealership sell more cars through Pay per Click campaigns.


With the assistance of our revolutionary product, PPC Adcaster, we can work together with you to create the full spectrum of PPC Display Ads on Googles Ad Network. We can automatically create all 7 accepted formats of PPC Display ads and then cast a net over targeted customers based on keyword research and CPC (Cost per Click) research. ChromaCars employs a staff of well-qualified graphic design artists and they work side by side with our SEM Account Managers to ensure maximum ROI effectiveness and flawless design go hand in hand.


We have mastered the art of re-marketing your product to people that have visited your website in the past. Let's say that you have a specific car you want to feature. We will call it Car X. Let's say that 500 unique visitors have looked at the VDP (Vehicle Display Page) for Car X. That means if any of those 500 unique visitors visit any page supported by the Google Ad Network or Youtube, there is a high probability that we can reach that customer again, and put Car X right in front of them multiple times until the campaign is over or Car X is sold. We can even create video campaigns for Youtube Pre-Roll, which means that we can effectively have a video of Car X play in front of only visitors that have come to your website and viewed Car X in the past.


We take a long look at your local search market and surrounding local search market so we can setup the most effective campaign for your dealership, whether you want to focus on individual vehicle display pages or you would like to cast a bigger net for terms like "used cars in Orlando", we can set you on the right path of new customer saturation and more sales.


We manage every aspect of your account, from keyword research, to setting up campaigns, setting budgets, precisely monitoring bids, to advanced hand-crafted reporting. We have a team of SEM professionals as well as SEO professionals to stay current in this evolving market and take the time to learn the intricacies of the Google AdWords platform.

Quality Score

Quality Score is a metric that Google uses to determine how valued and trusted your website and brand are, and then use that number to base the price of your campaigns in Google Adwords. The higher your score, is the more likely that you will pay less for your PPC campaigns and start getting higher and higher ROI. In conjunction with a ChromaCar customer dealer website based on SEO framework, our SEM staff prides itself on the dedication of raising the Quality Score, and sets us apart because our SEM experts and web design team works in harmony to provide your a high quality dealership website that elevates your brand and help you lower your advertising costs at the same time.

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