Frequently Asked Questions

Get Answers to Some FAQs

What makes Chroma Cars different from other full service car dealer photography and car dealer inventory management companies?

Chroma Cars full service car dealer inventory photographers commit to specific days each week. And here is the novel part… Chroma Cars' new and used car dealer inventory photographers show up at your dealership as scheduled and stay until your inventory is 100% caught up..

What can Chroma Cars do to help our new or used car dealership or dealership group's internet sales response and conversion?

Not only can Chroma Cars help to get your inventory optimized for your website, but the Chroma Cars proprietary eBait dashboard helps optimize your new and used car inventory for 3rd party classified websites like AutoTrader.com, Cars.com & Craigslist. Chroma Cars dealer performance consultants also help put conversion systems and best practices in place to maximize your exposure and help progress each lead down the sales funnel.

What do you know about 3rd party classified car dealer inventory merchandising?

Unlike local Ad Agencies who focus on the purchase, placement and production of traditional local media (radio, TV & Print) your ChromaCars car dealership performance consultant is an expert in digital automotive remerchandising. At Chroma Cars we focus on proven dealer website and 3rd party classified optimization practices proven to increase your share of vehicle display page clicks on new & used car dealer classified websites like Autotrader.com, Cars.com, eBay and Craig's List.

Chroma Cars works with independent dealers, single point and group-owned franchise stores. We match the right vehicle inventory management solution to your car dealer's inventory mix & budget. We'll even help place your dealership in the best 3rd party advertising packages with a remerchandising strategy guaranteed to optimize your digital advertising presence on those websites.

How did Chroma Cars get started in car dealer inventory management & photography services?

Chroma Cars started in 2006 as a small business website company. Working with a couple of car dealers in Northern Indiana (as partners NOT just vendors) we quickly adapted our small business content management platform design to the automotive industry. Today Chroma Cars services over 300 dealerships nationwide.

Chroma Cars new & used car dealership software solutions are 100% home grown (we don't just resell another software company's solutions). As a result our interface is more robust, more flexible and more reliable than any other new or used car dealer website, photography and inventory management solution.

The Chroma Cars system is typically offered through our large network of Value Added Software resellers. We are constantly updating our applications based on dealers’ suggestions and 3rd party vendor input. If you're a used car superstore or large independent or franchise car dealer group (requiring custom inventory management or custom website CMS solutions) we'll take your ideas and needs, streamline them and quickly produce a working software solution set.

Do I have to sign a contract and will I have to pay for new features?

No contracts, not even on our web solutions. We have a simple philosophy… If we aren’t doing our job, fire us. There is no charge for system updates; NOT EVER. Some of our stand alone applications like the mobile application or vehicle description GENie will include an upgrade fee.

Is Chroma Cars affordable AND scaleable?

Yes!!! Chroma Cars solutions started as small business solutions so our platforms were built with efficiency and affordability in mind. You'll find us the most cost-effective, high traffic-building and conversion-friendly solution available to place your new car dealer, used car dealer or car dealer group digital software and advertising dollars. From Buy Here-Pay Here to highline, high volume franchise dealers to single point new or used car lots; Chroma Cars has a car dealer website, SEO/SEM or Social Media Marketing solution to fit your low budget and high performance expectations.