Front-line To Front-lines Dealership Photography

A U.S. Veterans Distributorship Program

U.S. Veterans Get Exclusive Distributor Territories

As a majority, U.S. Veteran, owned business Chroma Cars is committed to supporting our recently retired and/or honorably discharged servicemen and service women. With a Chroma Cars distributorship, your transition from boots to a vehicle merchandising business will be fast, effective & immediately profitable. Our strategically placed, nationwide senior leadership team has access to a large network of former military photo, video & graphic arts experts. We’ll help recruit & train fellow veteran photo & video enthusiasts to hit your local car lots running. Our on-site training in a live photo & video shooting environment insures everyone you employ follows our proven vehicle lot photography & video system.

military sleeve

Professionally framed, well lighted, properly positioned photos are simply NOT the norm. Dealers nationwide are starving for stable, reliable, professional & trustworthy lot photo & video technicians. As a Chroma Cars licensed distributor you’ll have access to military grade camera hardware & software, a turnkey business management & support system and a “U.S. Veteran Owned” calling card that car dealers can’t help but consider. Because we’ve lived the sacrifices you and your family have made we’re fanatical about ensuring the financial security and independence of our Veteran owned distributors. Successful distributors can realize a 7-figure annual business income by following Chroma Cars proven 5-P System focused on People, Process, Policies, Promotion & Policing.

As a recognized leader in Automated & Human Merchandising That Matters™” to car dealers; your Chroma Cars branded business can grow in as controlled or as rapid a clip as you can manage. U.S. Marine Corp Veteran & Chroma Cars distributor Josh Reynolds is driving his Columbus, OH car lot photography competition crazy. Josh’s uncommon commitment to on-time service, careful shot selection, inventory speed to market & on-call/emergency photo/video service makes his photo & video strike team the talk of the Columbus car & commercial truck merchandising market. Chroma Cars open distributorship territories span the United States & Canada with territory protection based on production. With over 11 years of proven performance & continuous technological innovations a Chroma Cars protected territory offers the ideal business opportunity for former soldiers and their family. U.S. Veterans receive a 40% discount off typical training & territory startup fees PLUS a wholesale price on camera hardware. Click to call or complete our Distributorship pre-qualification form to verify availability of a Chroma Cars distributorship in your area.

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